Welcome to Berkley Demolition

Berkley Demolition aims to provide a high quality, value for money service to its clients. We are focused and committed on providing our clients with a professional service. The company provides a full range of construction site preparation services and specialises in interior strip outs, asbestos removal, façade retention, demolition, temporary works, site remediation and recycling operations.

We aim to serve both public and private sector clients including local authorities, property developers, house builders, construction companies, architects, quantity surveyors, project managers, facilities managers and consulting engineers.

Operating principally throughout London, the Home Counties and the south of England, Berkley Demolition will undertake projects on a national scale. Within Berkley Demolition, collectively the management team has over 50 years of demolition experience.


Every demolition project is different and presents its own unique challenges. At Berkley we have a wealth of experience in determining the optimum methods to be used for performing demolition operations, ranging from top down demolition using mini-excavators that are craned onto the top of a building to the use of ‘super high-reach’ mechanical excavators.

When access is severely restricted or the work takes place in a ‘live’ working environment, manual ‘cut and carve’ methods are typically employed using diamond drilling and sawing techniques. Our work can involve sensitive demolition works where great care has to be taken when performing specific ‘cut and carve’ demolition works in a ‘live’ environment such as a retail store, hospital or school. In these situations, visual impact, noise, vibration, odours and dust have to be expertly controlled to minimise any disruption to the general public and to maintain caring, clean, considerate and co-operative standards.

Soft Strip

A key component of the demolition process, the interior stripping of a building’s non-structural internals is a key component of the demolition process. Berkley Demolition specialises in the de-rating of buildings and stripping out building internals prior to demolition of the building.

Interior soft stripping activities include the removal of all floor coverings, carpets and carpet tiles, temporary floors, ceilings, non-load bearing partitions and plasterboard, mechanical and electrical (M&E) plant and equipment, including lighting, cables, cable trays, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, telecommunications systems and equipment, and the disconnection and removal of utilities (gas, electricity, water).


Architectural salvage is a skilled aspect of internal demolition works. We take special care to salvage, protect and safeguard:

• decorated ceilings
• wooden flooring
• timber doors and frames
• cast iron fireplaces
• sash windows and window sills

We manage the storage of specific items that are to be integrated into the design of new developments and building refurbishments.


To demonstrate commitment to corporate social responsibility, many clients now require Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) for their projects aimed at recycling, reusing and salvaging as much waste material as possible during demolition works.

Berkley Demolition produces SWMPs that include quantities, on-site separation and storage and transportation methods and details of final destinations for each waste stream. Concrete, brick, asphalt, glass, metals, wood, mechanical and electrical plant, ceiling tiles and carpets are all examples of materials targeted for recycling.

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